Hyacinth Macaw

Full view on Deviantart

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Order’s Up, Asshole

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WIP walkthrough- I’ll just be my own angel

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Tails Of Lace- Process

Tails Of Lace_ Work Process

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11th Doctor WIP Walkthrough

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, from Doctor Who. Have been working on this almost nonstop except sleep, work and food for the past 24 hrs… so sleep is minus 8, working minus 4, food and other things about minus 1…. about 10-11 hours work. Huh. That sounds a lot less impressive than what it felt like.
Lately I had been working in a momonchrome underpainting+ colour overlay method, but I saw a video screen capture of Loish- http://loish.deviantart.com/ working on a digital painting from start to finish, which inspired me to paint a little more freely by just going straight into colours right from the start. I used a lot of textures, colour adjustments and sharpen filters (as Loish did in her vidoe) throughout to get the look I wanted.
I painted Matt Smith because a) I love Doctor Who b) his face is so amazingly unique, it looked too interesting to pass up an opportunity like that!
So unlike Loish I used a lot of references for his face, and I also used a couple for the pose, including a few photos of my own hands. As a time saving method, I used textures rotated and warpedf or the patterns on his tweed jacket and shirt.

I challenged myself to paint the entireity of the picture in photoshop from start to finish, but I was a little weak when it came to his lips, so I did part of those in SAI. I am not very good with lips, but I’m getting there.

Overall I’m rather pleased with this piece <3! Hope you like it too!

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Sinister Smile

Walkthrough of my Dexter Painting

See the full version on Deviantart

Dexter- Sinister Smile by =ThePlanPony on deviantART

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Dexter WIP

Got the good news today that I havea spot on the Drawfest table at Armageddon in Wellington on April9/10, so immediately I was spurred on to draw something fanarty. Naturally I chose my very most favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, from the brilliant series “Dexter”
I’m rather fond of the bold lines and painty strokes. Will lay some colour down for the final print :3

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